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Online Appointment Scheduling - How much time will it save you?

by John Ramallo 

There is no doubt online appointment scheduling is a significant time saver. How much time each salon or spa will save is contingent upon how much time you and your staff spend making appointments and mediating scheduling conflicts.

The average salon or spa client spends close to five minutes making appointments for services with a person inside the salon or spa. How time much a salon or spa will save is not just represented in the time it takes clients to make appointments. Every time there is a conflict in scheduling like a double booking or not enough time allocated for the client to receive all desired services, time is lost. Time is also money. How much money your salon or spa will lose or earn may depend on your utilization of online appointment scheduling.

Online appointment scheduling gives you another reason to send your clients to your web site where you have waiting for them the salon or spa appointment book PLUS information about new services and products for sale. Online appointment scheduling is a time saver and it is also a way to sell additional services to your existing clients and prospective clients.

Online appointment scheduling makes keeping a traditional appointment book unnecessary. Appointments can be printed directly from your computer and updated easily. Clients feel more in control when they are able to purchase frequently used products and schedule appointments for services at their convenience.

Salon and spa clients can even change their scheduled appointment if there is a conflict when the client remembers before he or she is a no show for an appointment without intervention from you or your staff.

Salon and spa owners or managers can book appointments for clients online and the appointment scheduling software will send an email reminder to the client. What a tremendous time and money saver. Phone tag is always a problem when busy people are solely dependent on voice mail. Email allows the client to respond before a cancellation or threat of a no show.

How much time your salon or spa will save when you offer online appointment scheduling will vary with each salon. Every salon will save time and generate more income by offering online appointment scheduling. Consider how many times clients have complained about not being able to schedule an appointment when they are traveling.

Often salons and spa clients do not take advantage of new services because the service providers don’t have enough time between appointments to make recommendations. Online appointment scheduling gives the salon staff the opportunity to focus on suggesting other services instead of spending precious time writing in an appointment.

The time saved when utilizing online appointment scheduling software can be significant and even take the place of a full time receptionist. Online appointment scheduling, how much time will it save you and how much of that saved time will you convert into selling an additional product or service?


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