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How an Online Scheduling System works

Using State of the art Scheduling Software

Put your schedule online so your customers can check it on the Internet: they easily find the most convenient time-slot, and make their own appointments online with you over the Internet. When a customer books online with scheduling software, you are immediately notified and your schedule is automatically updated:


Some of your customers will still prefer to make an appointment over the phone, or in person: you or your receptionist simply have to enter these appointments in your online scheduling system so as to keep it up-to-date. Sign up for your free 30-day trial (no obligation whatsoever), set your work week and options, and start accepting appointments online!


 100% free for your customers

 You manage everything online

 You do not need to have a website; we host your schedule for you

 Your online scheduling system is available 24/7, and accessible from anywhere

 Nothing to download or install: all you need is an Internet connection!

 Highly customizable (used in many industries)

If you are still wondering whether our scheduling software is adapted to your particular needs, for instance if you need to do dental online scheduling, just give us a shout! Our customer team will be more than happy to answer your questions or even walk you thru the process of setting up your account. This system has been used as massage online scheduling software for several years.

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Here's a summary of how the Netwave Online Scheduler can help you attract and retain customers and give you and your staff more time in revenue generating activities:

Utilize your online appointment scheduler to:

·    Allow customers to book their appointments or reservations, 24/7

·    Check your schedule from any online browser, anywhere in the world

·    Increase customer satisfaction and retention

·    Export your schedule to Outlook, Excel, iPhones and other devices


Your online appointment scheduling software will:

·    Send notifications to you or your staff about new appointments

·    Send reminders to your clients and customers

·    Manage any number of resources, staff, services and appointments

·    Handle individual or group reservations or appointments


You can customize your online scheduler to:

·    Present custom sign up forms for your clients and customers

·    Become a part of your website or be a stand alone site

·    Setup your own appointment policies and scheduling rules offers all the options you may need to manage your appointments online. This is the ideal choice for businesses and professionals looking for an easy-to-use and highly cost-effective appointment scheduling solution. Perfect for small business, solo practioners as well as clubs and other businesses that schedule courts, meeting rooms or other resources.

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